The Shellcast Lintel Shutter System

For maximum security and minimal visual appearance, SeceuroLintel is a roller shutter contained within a structural lintel and conforms to the latest building regulations. 

Installing roller shutters at the build stage provides enhanced security and a discreet, unobtrusive design without having to compromise on features or accessories. Enjoy all the benefits of a roller shutter but without the visual impact associated with traditional built-on designs. 

The system is popular on new-builds but is also suitable for installation on existing buildings.

SWS Lintel 3d image cutout

Engineered to be as secure as it is attractive


Key Features

  • The shutter is hidden within the wall construction
  • Can accommodate shutters up to 8000mm in a single span (no other structural roller lintel system on the market can offer this)
  • Can be manufactured with shutters up to 6000mm in height
  • Fully CE compliant
  • Meets all building regulations
  • A choice of slat profiles
  • Designed to minimise cold bridging
  • Lintels available in galvanised or stainless steel

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