Control the power of the sun altering the light and heat of a building.


ARTec Raffstore Im Schnitt
External Venetian blinds: variable incident light, privacy and protection from the sun

Make an architectural statement and ensure the perfect indoor environment at all times with external Venetian blinds. The infinitely-adjustable slats allow you to direct the light coming into the room however you want. Our aluminium external Venetian blinds also provide variable privacy and protection from the sun.

Suitable for: Alulux front-mounted systems and our Enext top-mounted systems – for retrofitting or in new buildings.

  • extruded aluminium blind box
  • easily accessible for maintenance
  • box dimensions (mm): 165, 180 and 205
  • Operation: comfort motor drive or radio-controlled motor
Reduced air-conditioning costs: Cut your energy bill and enjoy a healthy room climate

A special characteristic of the external Venetian blinds is their ability to reflect light, as this can act as an alternative air conditioning system. Aluminium external Venetian blinds can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s rays. Enabling you to keep a cool head in the summer heat.




ARTec Slats Raffstore Von Alulux

The aluminium slats in our external Venetian blinds are stable and lightweight. They provide a sophisticated look and high durability – which is also thanks to the high-quality of the manufacturing and the weather-resistance of the material.

Zeichnung Lamellen


Raffstore Design 003

Offering you every opportunity to protect retracted slats against external factors – while complementing the look of yourhouse with a style to suit your taste. Either as a fully enclosed headbox or cover, an unobtrusive flush finish or a design statement:

Be inspired by our large selection of shapes, colours and sizes!




raffstore energetik   Our aluminium external Venetian blinds are an energy-saving alternative to air-conditioning systems. They reflect up to 80% of the sun’s heat, thus preventing your indoor spaces from heating up – completely naturally.
 raffstore lichtlenkung21  The infinitely-adjustable slats on our external Venetian blinds give you maximum freedom. Simply adjust the angle of the slats to control the natural light coming in with complete flexibility. This precise control always gives you the lighting you want. And if you want it completely dark, that’s not a problem either.